Fishing Port

A dozen fishery products' buyers operate the unloading points at the Caraquet wharf. The main products landed at the Port of Caraquet are lobster, crab, shrimp, and herring, depending on the fishing seasons of these species.

Landings are routed to numerous product processing plants in the Acadian Peninsula region. Between 6000 and 8000 tonnes of fish are landed at the Caraquet wharf and their annual value varies, depending on market conditions, between $30 and $50 million.

Near the port, fishing boat owners have access to a full range of maintenance and repair services necessary for the safe operation of their boat. Close to the Port of Caraquet, boat owners can call on the services of the New Brunswick Naval Center, which operates travel lift services and a large dry dock.

Fishing Port Prices

Work Site on the Dock: $2.50/m2 by day, or $22.50/m2 for less than 10 days
Water (unloading site): $450
Trailer Storage: $175 a year
Boat Storage: $175 a year (November to April)
Rafts: $50 + $5 a day
Tractor Rental: $40 an hour
Water and Oil Mix (contamination): $175

Docking Services

Ships longer than 50 feet

Resident Ships: $1200 
Non-resident Ships: $50 a day
Overwintering: $600 

Ships shorter than 50 feet

Resident Ships: $350 a season*
Non-resident Ships: $25 a day 
Overwintering: $300

Electricity Services 

110 volts: $8.73 a day
220/208V 3P 50A: $11.07 a day from May to October, and $20.68 a day from November to April
120/208V 3P 100A: $12.65 a day from May to October, and $22.20 a day from November to April
120/208V 3P 200A: available on demand
347/600V 3P: according to meter

HST is not included in the prices. After 21 days, resident boat prices apply. These rates include water and 110 volt electricity services.
*  Season 1 is from April 1 to July 10, and Season 2 is from July 11 to December 31.