Commercial Sector

The 165 meter-long wharf façade allows the Port of Caraquet to welcome merchant ships on a regular basis, ensuring safe access to the port. Tugs, barges, and bulk carriers converge here, thanks to a wide and deep channel.

The road network provides accommodations for cargo loads or their distribution in the region and elsewhere in the Maritimes.

The New Brunswick Naval Center, 7 km east of the port, offers a variety of maintenance and repair services for all types of boats. Several maritime industry companies located in the region offer services like marine mechanics, electricity, hydraulic systems, sandblasting, and painting... to name a few.

Commercial Sector Prices

Cable service: $250 (arrival and departure)
Security: $200 + $75 an hour
Clean water: $5 for 1000 liters or m3
Waste: $25/m3
Passengers' fee: $5/passenger
Exclusive use of the ramp: $100 an hour
Mooring: $1.65 per meter per day

Electricity Services

110 volts: $8.73 a day
220/208V 3P 50A: $11.07 a day (May to October) and $20.68 a day (November to April)
120/208V 3P 100A: $12.65 a day (May to October) and $22.20 a day (November to April)
120/208V 3P 200A: available on demand
347/600V 3P: according to meter

The 10% administration fee and HST are not included in the prices.